Track Cell Tower


CDR Data Analysis Software  v.

CDR Data Analysis Software is call data analysis software which is track call information from your CDR file extract your data according to max call, max durations, max cell tower information.

Cell Phone Tracker  v.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a prank app to trick your friends and will not actually track cell phones!!! That said... Get ready to prank your friends like never before! Imagine the look on your friends faces when they think you will always know


Qiblator  v.

Displays the direction of Ka'ba from the current location of the nearest cell tower for your active phone.

Where You At  v.

Have you ever messaged someone to ask “Where You At?”? Of course you have! This app will allow you to share your locations with people of your choice and allow people to share their locations with you as well.

Directions  v.

This application calculates the distance and route between 2 points: Origin and Destination. You can use the GPS in your Windows Phone 7 to calculate the Origin position. New on v2.0: - Augmented Reality module, where you can see a arrow over a

Sunset Sunrise  v.

With this application you can calculate the sunrise, sunnoon and sunset of any position in the world. Just enter the longitude and latitude of a coordenate to calculate. You can use the GPS to find your position. Windows Phone 7 Location Services -

Airports Mobile  v.

The application calculates, based in an airport location, the 5 nearest airports. The distance and the route to each one of the airports is calculated and displayed. The sunrise and the sunset are also calculated.

Geosense for Windows  v.1 2

Geosense is a Windows Sensor that provides the Location and Sensors platform in Windows 7 with accurate and reasonably ubiquitous positioning information without requiring or the assistance of GPS hardware, enabling more practical location-based appl

LocationBot (Lite)  v.1 2

LocationBot is an Android app that can change various settings on your phone according to your location. For example, it can switch the phone's WiFi and Bluetooth on when you are in your home or at your favourite coffee shop,

Mixtikl  v.

Mixtikl is a fun, strong & open music software and plugin for VST hosts. Generative Music Mixer, Arranger & Performer. Mixtikl is based on the long awaited but never released miniMIXA V3. Mixtikl goes much further, though,

CigarShopLocator  v.

The CigarShopLocator App will find cigar shops that are near you or near a location of your choice. Basic information, how far you are from the shop, name, address and phone number will be listed. Enhanced information such as email, website, hours,

Weather Rock  v.

Weather Rock is the fastest way to see your current local weather conditions. If the rock bright, it's sunny! If the rock is wet, it's raining! If it's a bit hard to see, it's night! In addition to the fun rock visuals there's also real current

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